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About the CFC

The school has been offering extensive and personalised support for students’ post-secondary pursuits in the last few decades through the Centre for Further Studies and the Careers Office. Due to the substantial link between further studies and career planning, the two departments merged in September 2021 to form the Centre for Further Studies and Careers (CFC), providing students with more holistic support when planning their future pathways. 


Led by Dean Y.T. Wong, the CFC comprises teachers and counsellors who share professional advice with students and assist them in achieving their further studies and career aspirations. The CFC is located on the 2nd floor of the Main Building, and it is open to students and visitors from 9am to 5pm on school days.

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September 2008

September 2017

September 2018

September 2021

The Centre for Further Studies (CFFS) was established. 

The Centre was renamed as the CFS.

The Ambassadors Team was formed.

The Centre combined with the Careers Office to form the Centre for Further Studies and Careers (CFC)


Local Team

Dean of Students

Overseas Team

Greater China Team


Careers Team

Secondary Transfer Team

Scholarship Team

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