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Careers Team

Senior Counsellor
Ms. Lam Miu Lan, Miranda

Senior Counsellor
Ms. Keung Yi Man, Sylvia

Chief Coordinator
Mr. Ma Tai Cho, Genesis

Ms. Cheng Wun Wun, Celia


Careers Counsellor

Mr. Ng Man Chung, José

Careers Counsellor

Mr. Wong Wing Kwai, Earnest

Careers Counsellor

Ms. Chau Tse Wai, Nicola

Careers Counsellor

Ms. Chu Hung Man, Milly

Careers Counsellor

Ms. Liu Fong Yu, Mimi

Careers Counsellor

Ms. Chow Ka Yee

Careers Counsellor

Mr. Hui Wai Hei, Ricky

Further Studies & Careers Officer

Ms. Wu Tsz Yin, Vicki

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About Us

The Careers Team provides opportunities for students to gain work experience in order to discover where their passions and interests lie. The Team also works closely with the DSOBA in organising various thematic talks, company visits, mentoring, and job attachments for students to increase their exposure and knowledge about different sectors and the latest developments in the work field.

Job attachment opportunities can be found here:

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