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CFC Ambassadors 22-23

Chairman Cheung King Cin Kinsley 10P

Vice Chairman - Tam Ho Wang 10L

Vice Chairman  - Shen Yu Xin Valentin 10L

Head of Events - Chow Pui Evan 10P

Events Officers  -  Leung Sze Long 10G

                                        Shek Pak Chuen 10L

Head of Admin (Internal) - Lai Yat Kiu Julio 10G

Head of Admin (External)  - Au Kit Peter 10G

Website Development Officer  - Yip Cedric 10G

Events Officers  -  Lau Chun Hin Marcus 10G

                               Hung Chung Yin Aska



G11: Matthew Chan, Walter Cheung, Hansen Chu, Gabriel Hui, Steven Kwok, Eng Ho Lam, Bryant Leung, Bryan Liang, Ethan Lo, Tin Yang, Nathan Yau

G10Leung Wai Ho (Ric), Wong Ching Ho (Mike), Clement Lau, So Pak Yin (Timothy), Brandon Ng Chun Ming

Ho Hau Yin Jonathan Howie, Lau Chung Kiu, Matthias Find, Ng Lap Hei, Sun Ho Ting Ronni, Wai Yat Long Adrian, Zhou Richard Yixuan, Leung Chung Kee (John)

G9: Wong Yat Hin Caden, Liu Long Him, Hong Ka Hin

G8: Wong Chun Yan Nathan, Lee Yin Jun Aydan

About the Team

The CFC Ambassadors family was established in 2017. The team support the operations of the CFC in three areas: Events, Admin and Design & Publicity. Ambassadors can gain greater exposure to university information and assist counsellors in performing various duties in order to develop different skills in preparation for their future.

Our family is a powerhouse of talents. Students are given the opportunity to nurture their skills in public speaking, tour guiding, website editing, data processing, procurement, digital design, photography, video editing and more. In 2022, the SkillsUp! training campaign was established as a student initiative and will be held annually to equip ambassadors with the practical skills that are not only applicable towards their work in the CFC, but are also essential life skills that would benefit them in their further studies and in the workplace. 

Our family welcomes students of different backgrounds, interests and abilities. Ambassador recruitment is conducted at the beginning or end of each school year. For any enquiries, please contact Ms. Vicky Ng at the CFC Office.  


Chairman:                Wong Chak Lung Andrew 23'
Head of Careers:   Chu Man Him Max 23'
Vice-Chairmen:     Chan Siu Hei Olive 23'
                                       Wong Lik Hang Hewitt 23'
                                       Chan Sum Tong Vinson 23'


Chairman:                Chan Tsz Yung Frederick 22'
Vice-Chairmen:     Chan Ho Chai Alden 22'
                                       Wong Chak Lung Andrew 23'


Chairman:               Yung Chun Hin Alvin 21'
Vice-Chairmen:     Lang Malcolm 21'
                                       Wong Ling Yin Fritz 21' 


Chairman:               Tsang Hing Lun Alexander 20'
Vice-Chairmen:     Cheung Cheuk Wun Sherwood 20'
                                      Leung Yin Hang 20'


Chairman:               Mann Sean 19'
Vice-Chairman:     Lam Chun Kit Alex 19'