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CFC Ambassadors Interview (Fritz Wong and Alvin Yung)

CFC Ambassadors Interview (Fritz Wong and Alvin Yung)

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This video sharing by former CFC Chairman, Alvin Yung '21, and Vice-Chairman, Fritz Wong '21 about the benefits of joining the CFC, why other students should join activities hosted by the CFC, and how the CFC assisted them in getting into their dream universities.

Hear from Former CFC Chairman, Alexander Tsang '20 and Vice-Chairman, Sherwood Cheung '20 about the roles, duties and responsibilities of a CFC ambassador, the advantages of joining the CFC, and how joining the CFC has altered the viewpoints of some former ambassadors.

Listen to the sharing by two top sportsmen (Wesley Ng '20 and Marco Lam '14) about their application to US colleges as student athletes. 

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