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Local Team

Senior Counsellor

Ms. Lam Miu Lan, Miranda


University Counsellor

Ms. Law Kit Shan, Sharon

University Counsellor

Mr. Kong Sin Hei, Alex

University Counsellor

Ms. Chu Siu Mang, Eunice

University Counsellor

Mr. Yau Chun Yin, Victor

University Counsellor

Ms. Chan Sze Man, Konie

University Counsellor

Mr. Chau Kai Fung

University & Sportsmen Counsellor

Mr. Hui Wai Hei, Ricky

Further Studies & Careers Officer

Ms. Wu Tsz Yin, Vicki

About the Team

The Local Team supports NSS students in their applications to local universities. We hold talks and workshops regularly to equip students with a better understanding of different institutions, subject choices and application requirements. We also organize counselling sessions to help students reflect on their academic performance and guide them to improvement. 

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