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Application Forms

Applicants please complete the corresponding form(s) and send to or submit in person to CFC. Please make sure you have read the following instructions before you submit the form(s).


Note to applicants:

  • Request should be submitted, along with ALL required supporting documents, at least 14 working days in advance to ensure documents are prepared before deadlines. Please note that it may take a longer time during examination period and school holidays. Urgent applications will NOT be entertained.

  • Reference letter is confidential in all conditions. It will be DIRECTLY sent to your applied schools or institutes by CFC. Applicants should inform and obtain approval from your referee(s) first for writing your recommendation.

  • Transcript is confidential to current students. It will be DIRECTLY sent to your applied schools or institutes by CFC.

  • CFC will NOT send any documents to and/or deal with third parties such as agents.

  • Each secondary transfer applicant is limited to applying to 6 SCHOOLS ONLY through CFC.

  • CASH is the only payment method. Cheque and bank transfer are not accepted.


Secondary transfer / summer school application

For secondary transfer or summer school application, please download Request Form (R3).

For students requesting recommendation,

please also fill in the Reference Letter Request Form (R2) or submit your CV.


University application / others

For university application or others (e.g. transcript, school report, testimonial request),

please download Request Form (R1).

For overseas university application(s), please download the Student & Parents Agreement Form.


Number of University Application

  1. Students are limited to a total of 10 applications, and maximum of 3 regions.

  2. For students who are applying to maximum of 3 regions, one of the regions must be Hong Kong.


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